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Euroflex Aqua Plus Water Treatment Bottle 6909602

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  • The Aquaplus bottle has specially designed magnets trapped inside
  • Features:
  • 1000Ml (1 3/4 Pints)
  • Ready Time - 15 minutes
  • 8cm diameter x 35cm
  • With Aquaplus you will:
  • Have 40% Less Scale (by weight) deposited in your appliance.
  • Extend your Iron's working life by up to 3 times.
  • Not pollute your environment - no chemicals involved
  • Only ever have to buy one Aquaplus - unlimited working life
  • This is how you use Aquaplus
  • 1. Fill the Aquaplus bottle with ordinary tap water
  • 2. Wait 15 minutes
  • 3. Pour the water into your kettle, iron, coffee maker or steam cleaner
  • 4. Use the appliance
  • 5. When you have finished empty the treated water from the appliance*
  • 6. Keep the Aquaplus bottle full so that you are ready for the next time
  • *The magnetic water treatment is a temporary water softening effect and will last approximately 90 minutes after the water is removed from the bottle. After that time any water left in your appliance will revert to it's natural state and could deposit scale.

Additional Information

To order go to our Eurolfex Accessory Page and order Model: 6909602

Euroflex Logo

Euroflex Aqua Plus

  • How It works:
  • Aquaplus uses magnetic water treatment. The principle of this is well established and proven to work. On a larger scale similar products are widely used to soften incoming water to households. Permanent magnets inside the Aquaplus bottle 'charge' the water so that the limescale is held temporarily in suspension and it is passed through the appliance without being deposited.
  • A Scientific Explanation:
  • The magnets inside the Aquaplus bottle create a magnetic force field that interacts with charged molecules in the water that surround suspended colloidal particles such as calcium (Ca), magnesium (Mg) and silica (Si02). As a result of this interaction, natural repulsion tendencies of these disbursed colloids are disturbed and a process of flocculation and possibly coagulation prevents scale-producing minerals such as Ca and Mg from precipitating out to form scale.

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To order go to our Eurolfex Accessory Page and order Model: 6909602

Looking for Spares for Euroflex? Click Here to access our Dedicated Spares Site (Opens in New Window).

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